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The Chubby Cheeks Wellness Vision
Helping women to find peace, empowerment and health as they travel their own paths toward mommyhood.

The Chubby Cheeks Mission Statement:
We want to encourage our readers to: Embrace their journey to motherhood for the beautiful and empowering experience that it is, whatever shape it takes. Experience motherhood through love and not fear. Find peace and joy in your pregnancy by connecting with your body, following your heart and trusting your voice.

How do we accomplish this?
In the near future we will offer preconception and prenatal health and wellness coaching to women who are looking for additional support in their journey. We share recipes and include nutritional information so that you can clearly see all of the goodness that you are taking in for yourself and baby! We’ll also share natural tips, tools and resources – at least those that helped me- for your own edification. Some of the topics we’ll touch on include:

  • -Prenatal nutrition and fetal development
  • -Exercise
  • -Health & Beauty products
  • -Home care
  • -Preconception and Prenatal health and wellness

Why is this important to us?
In life, there is so much that is beyond our control and the journey to motherhood is no exception. Rather than focus on what is beyond our control, we focus on building a loving, supportive community that empowers families, strengthens your voice, and inspires you to explore things that you can do to prepare your mind, body and spirit for a healthy and joyful pregnancy.

How Chubby Cheeks Wellness began
As with many good stories, our story begins with a girl falling in love. We met, we fell in love and a year and a half later, on December 2, 2012, we were married. By the early Spring, we were discussing the possibility of expanding our already full and fabulous family of four. I’d dreamed of having a large family for as long as I can remember. Still, feeling the enormity of the journey that I was about to take was overwhelming. And while I had all of the books and spoke with many women about what to do and what to expect, I quickly realized that all of the "what ifs" were creating a cloud of fear and self-doubt. I wasn’t feeling connected to my body and the amazing transformation that was about to take place. Feeling excited and anxious about this next step for our family, I called my beloved grandmother, BK (Barbara Killingsworth), who is without a doubt one of the most loving, nurturing, giving and respected mothers I know- my own mother being the other. Sitting on a bench on a lovely spring day in NY somewhere in midtown Manhattan, my grandmother gave me such love, encouragement and support. She reminded me that there is always strength and understanding in the quiet, peaceful moments if I just listened carefully to my own voice. She reminded me that conceiving a child was a blessing and that carrying and caring for a little one is something that is natural and beautiful. After that conversation, I felt calm, I felt empowered and I felt inspired. That’s what really ignited my passion in health and wellness and motivated me to begin exploring organic, healthy pregnancies. Already living a plant-based, compassionate lifestyle, I had a great start but, I immediately began preparing my mind and body and in no time at all, we were pregnant! Through love and support, research, reflection, and faith, I found strength and resolve in my innate ability to create a well-nourished, loving and peaceful home for my growing little one, to bring her into the world with positivity and love and to bring that new energy to the way in which I nurture and care for my new family of five. Through pregnancy, my daughter has given me a gift of learning so much about myself, about how to love and trust myself and how to grow from within. This is the story of my journey into motherhood and it is a story that I share wholeheartedly with you with the hopes that you too will find strength, encouragement, support, freedom and inspiration to begin your own journey, to shape it through intentional wellness and to appreciate it for the beautiful journey that it is.

...and then there were 6! The beautiful journey continues!!